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Whether you enlisted right out of high school or held plenty of jobs prior, finding the best jobs fore military veterans will surely be uncharted territory. We’ve built our Career for veterans section to ensure you’re not going at it alone. But, we aren’t here just to get you a job. Below you’ll find the best career resources for veterans available, covering topics from resume writing to landing an interview to how to accept a job offer. We’ve made sure we have everything you need, and then some.

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Interview Insight

  • respond to a job offer

How Long Can You Take to Respond to A Job Offer?

You mastered the interview questions and answers and It happened! You've been offered a job. Suddenly anxiety and anticipation have ...

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  • main things you need to know about applicant tracking systems

3 Main Things You Need to Know About Applicant Tracking Systems

Have you spent hours applying to jobs posted on company websites only to hear nothing back? Have you been using ...

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  • What to expect during the interview process

What to Expect During the Hiring Process

As a military member, you’ve come to expect things to happen in a certain way. When you’re on a military ...

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Resume Writing

  • resume

4 Things You Need to Cut From Your Resume

Are you stressed about your resume? You're not alone. Everybody who creates a resume wonders nervously, will a hiring manager be interested? Have I accurately represented my accomplishments? Veterans, who are used to "one, right way" ...

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  • veteran job search

7 Ways to Leverage Social Media in Your Job Search

Social media is a big part of our lives, and that includes its influence in the job search. Expect recruiters and potential employers to mine your online profiles. Rather than presenting a wall of privacy ...

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6 Keys to Resume Effectiveness

Photo Credit: kafka4prez, Creative Commons   Getting a Military To Civilian resume ready to send out to a prospective employer can be a difficult and time consuming process. You may only need a resume every couple ...

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  • military to civilian resume example

Why You Should Write a Human-Sounding Military To Civilian Resume

As a transitioning veteran, you may be in the position of having to write a Military to Civilian resume for the first time. And although you may have a lot of help —  Military TAP class,  ...

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