Software Systems Developer

Median Annual Salary

Why It’s HOT

Here's why this job is just so dang hot.
The BLS projects 17% job growth between 2014-2024.

What You’ll Need

Education or Years of experience? Here's what you'll need.
You’ll probably need a bachelor’s degree in computer science, as well as strong programming skills.

What They Do

We already talked about software developers who create the apps that allow us to do specific tasks on our phones or other devices. Software systems developers develop the underlying systems that run those devices or control networks. They’re part computer scientist, part engineer and part mathematical analyst.

Hot Job Titles

Architect, Software Developer, Software Engineer, Developer, Infrastructure Engineer, Network Engineer, Publishing Systems Analyst, Senior Software Engineer, Systems Coordinator, Systems Engineer

Who’s Hiring

AECOM  |  Bank of America  |  Cerner  |  Deloitte  |  Eaton  |  IBM  |  Logistics Health Inc.  |  Strategic Staffing Solutions

Companies listed in the above “Who’s Hiring” section are paid advertisers that are recruiting for these positions.

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