• professional ways to brag

3 Professional Ways To Brag On Yourself and Land The Job

By  Katherine Gauthier Raise your hand if you have ever applied for a job. Now keep your hand up if you felt like you forgot how to respond in complete sentences when your potential employer asked you to describe yourself, your strengths, and your accomplishments. I promise, you’re not alone if you still have your ...

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  • veterans interested in a writing career

A Guide for Veterans Interested in a Writing Career

If you’re reading this article, I bet you can tell that I’m a writer. I wrote the line you’re reading right now. This one too. I wrote this whole article, as a matter of fact. What might not be as obvious is that I am also a veteran. Five years ago, as I was preparing ...

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  • career building tips

Career-Building Tips While on Active Duty

Separating from active duty can be tough. Those of us who have been through it can attest that even in the best circumstances, the personal and career-building aspects of transitions can be stressful. The vast differences between military and civilian life mean that day-to-day lifestyle changes can’t really be avoided, but the challenges of a career ...

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  • Mike_Michaud_Header

Fighting For You

Michael Michaud represented the 2nd Congressional District of Maine – a huge chunk of the state – from 2003 to 2015. As a congressman, Michaud was known for his work on behalf of America’s veterans. He served on the House Veterans Affairs Committee and made multiple trips overseas to visit troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. ...

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How to Handle Tough Job Interview Questions. Ace the Interview!

We’ve all been there at one point or another. Whether it’s a promotion board, an elementary school spelling bee, or maybe on a nightmare date, sometimes we’re pitched a question that has no easy answer. With good jobs in high demand, a stumper of an interview question can have high stakes. How you respond in ...

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  • owning your own business

Becka Davidson, On Teaching Yoga and Owning Your Own Business

Photo Credit: Joel Davidson Becka Davidson, a Navy cryptologic veteran and former chief, took a few minutes to answer my questions about how she pursued her passion for yoga. After transitioning from her 13 years in the Navy, she opened her own Bikram Hot Yoga franchise in Virginia Beach. So from Navy chief to yoga, wow, what ...

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  • body language techniques while interviewing

Body Language: 5 Techniques to Use While Interviewing

It is no myth that first impressions are key to building future relationships. As military veterans and service members, we are all too familiar with the concept that "perception is truth." With that in mind, our communication skills can change the dynamics around us in such instrumental ways. The following tips are body-language cues to consider ...

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Asking for Career Help is NOT a Sign of Weakness

I despise asking for help. I hate feeling weak. I refuse to feel vulnerable. If avoidable, I do not ever want to owe anybody anything. I prefer to take care of it myself and I certainly don’t need to pay for any service that improves me when I am already equipped. As an active member ...

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  • guide to union apprenticeships

4-Step Guide to Union Apprenticeships

Applying for a union apprenticeship can be an arduous process. Most applicants have no idea what a union entrance exam will cover, or even what qualities unions are looking for. Truthfully, every union is different in positive and negative ways in terms of who they take into their apprenticeship programs. This is the general process. ...

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VA Launches Campaign to Increase Veterans’ Economic Potential

The VA released information about a new effort to connect veterans with national and local employers in 50 U.S. cities: May 18, 2015 DALLAS — Secretary of Veterans Affairs Robert A. McDonald, with leaders from national and local Veterans service organizations, corporate employers and government agencies, announced the launch of the Veterans Economic Communities Initiative, ...

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