How To Protect Your GI Bill Benefits

While most schools are genuinely interested in helping you succeed, there are a handful that have proven unscrupulous in their aggressive targeting of military and veteran students' GI Bill benefits. Chris Neiweem, an Iraq war veteran who once worked as a recruiter at a for-profit school, urges transitioning military and veterans heading to school to ...

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How The Forever GI Bill Impacts Purple Heart Recipients

The recently signed Harry W. Colmery Veterans Educational Assistance Act, commonly known as the Forever GI Bill, is easily the most significant expansion of veterans’ education benefits since the enactment of the Post-9/11 GI Bill nearly 10 years ago. With improvements for reservists, families of the fallen, veterans who experienced school closures and others, it ...

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Your 8-Digit Grid Coordinate To Veteran Employment

To My Fellow Veterans (Open Letter #2), I'll never forget the conversation I had several years ago with a retiring Marine Command Sergeant Major, who insisted that his nine-page resume (not a typo) was justified because of his long and amazing career. He was your prototypical superhero, channeling his inner "Mad Dog;" chest full of ...

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Launch A Post-Military Personal Brand With Social Networking

In this day and age, social media is nearly everywhere:  from duck face selfies to customer service, the social media machine has put information literally at our fingertips.   Whether it is the latest stock quotes, sports scores, or Hollywood news our generation is well-equipped to remain informed at a nearly unprecedented level.  All of ...

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Looking On The Bright Side of Military Transition

Leaving the military is a very strange experience. Finding a job, insurance, and a place to live on your own is all new for many of us, but once that gets settled, military transition is still just plain weird.In the military, you have purpose. It’s built into the job. There’s a mission to perform and ...

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How These Vets Succeeded In Federal Jobs, and How You Can Too

These three veterans, who found success in federal jobs, explain how you can too. Chief Petty Officer Mardi M. Muru Recruiter, Veterans Programs, U.S. Postal Service Age: 44 Military Service: Chief Petty Officer (E-7), Navy (1993-1997) Navy Reserve (1997-2013) Rating: Sonar Technician, STGC (EXW/SW) What do you do in your current role? I work to ...

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Veterans Get Special Preference For Federal Jobs

Despite the federal hiring freeze earlier this year and the current administration’s push to shed thousands of federal jobs, this is only part of the of big picture. The reality is that while some agencies may see cuts, there are plans to boost workforce numbers in other departments – notably, the Pentagon, Homeland Security, and ...

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With Construction Jobs, The Sky Is The Limit For Veterans

*SPONSORED If the thought of driving a desk when you get out of the military makes you cringe, consider construction. Construction jobs offer more than the ability to get outdoors and work with your hands. It’s a field where veterans can work their way up to supervisor, manager and even six-figure senior level positions. ...

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Northeastern University Offering Veteran Self Improvement Classes

*SPONSORED Veterans and servicemembers! Improvisation is a skill that translates across all career fields. It strengthens your confidence, your creativity, and your ability to listen as well as respond...quickly. Businesses and organizations are always seeking effective communicators, and this event can help improve your verbal and body language skills. REGISTER HERE Northeastern University will be ...

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Celebrate The Marine Corps 242nd Birthday With These Bada** Shots

…at the front door of crisis and conflict, we possess the finesse, the training and the tools to knock at the door diplomatically, pick the lock skillfully, or kick it in violently.” Today marks the 242nd birthday of the United States Marine Corps. We wish those actively serving and those who have served a very ...

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