• ways veterans can make the most out of linkedin

7 New Ways Veterans Can Make the Most Out of LinkedIn

At G.I. Jobs we regularly champion how LinkedIn can benefit active, transitioning and veteran service members. As the site continues to grow and evolve, we think it is important to circle back on some of its most effective features while including some new ways veterans can make the most out of LinkedIn. Free Premium Service ...

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  • professional ways to brag

3 Professional Ways To Brag On Yourself and Land The Job

By  Katherine Gauthier Raise your hand if you have ever applied for a job. Now keep your hand up if you felt like you forgot how to respond in complete sentences when your potential employer asked you to describe yourself, your strengths, and your accomplishments. I promise, you’re not alone if you still have your ...

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Get a Job You’ll Love in 90 Days

When it comes to career advice, there’s a huge consensus that you should find your passion, follow your heart and do what you love. But what if you don’t know what your passion is?  And once you do know, how do you determine the best possible job for you in today’s marketplace? This can be ...

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  • job search apps for veterans

4 Job Search Apps Veterans Should Be Using Right Now

Are you looking for a job board for veterans? Using apps right on your phone can make job searching easy. But with hundreds of apps available to job seekers, which ones are the most simple and streamlined to use? Here are four that you should download right now, with tips on how to maximize the ...

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  • transferable soft skills

7 Transferable Soft Skills to Capitalize on in Your Civilian Job Search

As a service member, you’ve gained a plethora of hard skills on the job that make you an attractive candidate in the civilian job market. While you might score an interview with your technical know-how, it’s also important to note that many civilian workplaces are putting a greater emphasis on hiring candidates with demonstrated soft ...

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  • main things you need to know about applicant tracking systems

3 Main Things You Need to Know About Applicant Tracking Systems

Have you spent hours applying to jobs posted on company websites only to hear nothing back? Have you been using the same resume over and over again when applying to different jobs? Have you noticed that most positions these days require you to upload your resume into a computerized database? Well, that database is actually ...

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  • help your spouse re-launch their professional career

5 Smart Strategies to Help Your Spouse Re-Launch Their Professional Career

Your spouse has made many sacrifices to remain by your side while you pursue your military career—one of them may have been their own professional career. Perhaps they gave up a military career, never capitalized on the great master's degree they studied for, left the professional workforce to raise children, or resigned from their dream ...

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  • careers most veterans havent considered

5 Unique Careers Most Veterans Haven’t Considered

It might be nice if we lived in a world where careers were as simple as mixing equal parts education and hard work, and reaping the predictable and secure career that comes out of it. While there are some high-demand jobs that offer a more predictable career path, for many of us, our varied interests ...

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  • what to do if you didnt get the job

What To Do If You Didn’t Get The Job…

You might have done all your homework. You did your research, got together a great resume, applied to a job that fit your skills. Maybe you even landed an interview. But the results came in and you didn’t make the varsity team. Bummer. Rejection is tough; job search rejection is just as tough, especially when ...

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  • what to do if you did not get the job you wanted

5 Actions You Must Take After You Accept a Job Offer

Congrats! You have the job offer in hand and start in two weeks. You can put all that painful job-search strategizing behind you and start celebrating. Or can you? It’s not quite time to pop the champagne cork if you are smart about your career and want to protect your professional reputation. There are protocols ...

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