Quinnipiac University Defines What it Means to be Military Friendly

SPONSORED   Just North of New Haven, Conn., at the foot of the series of traprock ridges preserved as Sleeping Giant State Park and within easy commute of the bustle of New York City, lies a quintessential private university you may recognize from its respected history in political polling: Quinnipiac University. CHECK OUT WHAT OPPORTUNITIES ...

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7 Struggles Veterans Face When Going Back to School

It’s time to go home. You’ve honorably separated or retired from service, you’ve got your DD214 in hand, and you’re likely itching to get on with the next chapter of your life. Chances are, you’ve already got some school under your belt, but you likely need to get a little bit more to make the ...

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How to Succeed in College With These 4 Simple Steps

Being a G.I. Bill student means that you will be out of your comfort zone. You are going back to school, where you haven't been in a very long time. Once you start going to class, you might end up feeling like you’ve bitten off more than you can chew. But don't worry, we've come ...

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SBA Communications Corporation

Sponsored Content Company Information Why They Value Veterans Current Open Positions ...

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5 Reasons to Consider a Liberal Arts Degree

We’ve all heard the cliché about careers with a liberal arts degree. After graduating, a liberal arts degree-holder is permanently and for all time banished to a “career” of pouring fancy coffee-flavored sugar beverages, reading poetry at open mic night, or crafting tiny sculptures made from paper clips and hot dog wrappers and selling them ...

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Xavier University Teams up with GE Aviation to Make Cincinnati a Premier Destination for Transitioning Military

When one veteran succeeds, the whole community benefits. That's the philosophy behind a partnership between Xavier University (XU) and GE Aviation in Cincinnati. The Jesuit university and the jet engine manufacturer are determined to make Cincinnati a choice destination for service members transitioning from the military. The goal is to draw transitioning service members to ...

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Combat Veteran and Robert Morris University President Chris Howard Shares What It Means to Be Military Friendly

When is the last time you had a conversation that changed you for the better? When was the last time you connected with a person willing to share of themselves, and what they shared made a difference? Who was the last person who took nothing from you, gave you everything they had in the moment ...

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Is the Montgomery GI Bill Still Available? Here’s What You Need to Know.

It’s been almost 10 years since the Post-9/11 GI Bill was signed into law, and a growing number of veterans have completed the required three years of service after 9/11 to qualify for 100 percent of the enhanced benefits of the newest program. Still, the Montgomery GI Bill has been in place for decades, and ...

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A Veteran’s Ivy League Experience with Harvard Business School’s HBX CORe

*Schools appearing on this page are paid advertisers who may be interested in recruiting you   Are you just wrapping up your undergrad and wondering what’s next? Have you just finished your degree and feel like you could benefit from less academia and more practicum? For the past few years Harvard’s Business School (yeah, that ...

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Dream Bigger

“Veterans don’t show up.” “Veterans don’t take advantage of all of the resources available to them.” “Veterans have low self-esteem.” “Veterans don’t aim high enough.” When I hear stereotypes like this, I think back to when I was a student veteran. At the time, being accepted to a community college was a dream come true. ...

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