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Veteran Success at Camping World

Jonathan Sabia, Retired Navy, Camping World

Chief Petty Officer (R), Served 21 years as a Boatswain Mate

Jon is now a Customer Engagement Center (CEC) Operations Manager at Camping World

Tell us a little about what you do Jon:

I supervise a team of 12 personnel for Outbound Satisfaction survey and marketing call operations. Some of my other responsibilities include processing payroll for all CEC employees, onboarding new employees, and various administrative functions within the department.

How did you get the job?

I attended a career fair at Naval Station Great Lakes and saw the Camping World table. All I knew about the company was that they had a location near my house and that I had seen their advertisements throughout the area. I stopped by to find out more information about the company and what kind of positions were available. The recruiter I talked to explained they were opening a new customer engagement center that needed experienced leaders. I expressed my interest in the position and left my resume. A few days later I was called in for an interview, and shortly after was offered the job.

Why did you choose this job? 

When I first started job hunting, I was looking for something related to my Navy job. I was attracted to this position because it was different from what I did in the Navy yet still allowed me to utilize my skills and experience.

What is the best part of the job?

The satisfaction of working with customers to resolve their issues. I also have an awesome team that is fun to work with!

What was the biggest transition headache? 

The uncertainty of the future. When I retired, we sold the house and moved from Virginia to Illinois. I have done many PCS moves before but this last one was
different. We had an idea of where we wanted to live since I’d been stationed at Great Lakes before. However, I wasn’t sure where I would be working and what I’d be doing, unlike previous duty station transfers. My wife and I were both looking for work in the area before we moved, but neither one of us had landed a job. The only reassuring factors we had during this time were my retirement pay and the ability to stay with family until we found employment.

What skills did you bring with you? 

My military career provided me with many skills, including problem-solving, decision-making, organization, administrative and leadership skills that I use every day at Camping World.