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Will military get paid if government shuts down?

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While both congressional leaders and the Obama administration were publicly optimistic this morning that continuing talks will avoid a government shutdown on Friday, the possibility still looms.

If the government does shutdown on Friday, in the middle of the military’s two-week pay period, troops would get paid for the first week, Pentagon officials told The Washington Post on condition of anonymity.

Both House and Senate Republicans introduced legislation that would pay troops if a deal isn’t reached. It’s still unclear if the bills would pass either chamber before Friday.

On-post childcare centers will remain in the event of a shutdown. They are considered critical services and public affairs officers for both the Army Installation Management Command and the Commander Navy Installation Command have stated they will not close despite government shutdown. This applies to Marine Corps facilities as well, as they fall under the CNIC.
Bill Costlow, a deputy in the public affairs office for the Army Installation Management Command, said All-Ranks Clubs, gyms and libraries should also remain open in case of a shutdown. They are funded by non-appropriated funds and operate independently of the Congressionally approved budget.

In addition, Army and Air Force Exchanges should remain open, though a few products may not be available for sale. For example, firearms might not be available for purchase if federally-required background checks cannot be performed, said Army Lt. Col. Tom Shrader, chief of public affairs for the Army and Air Force Exchange Service. As with the gyms and libraries, the exchanges are not supported with funds from the government budget, so they may continue to operate.

You might want to stock up on milk, meat and produce, though, because commissaries could close during a government shutdown.

Posted by Dan Fazio at 04/07/2011 08:57:52 AM 


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