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Major Change Coming to G.I. Bill Transferability Benefit

It will affect some of the longest tenured service members. By Blake Stilwell

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SPONSORED Many military spouses gravitate toward careers at Deloitte due to the competitive yet flexible work options. Deloitte’s locations at XX offices across the US and ecosystem ...

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Free Program is Helping Veterans Become ‘IT-Ready’

The transition from military to civilian life can be challenging for veterans. Are you having trouble finding a job with family-sustaining wages? Or do you feel ...

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Roofing Contractor Jobs: a Long Term Career Option

Annual Salary:$37,970Outlook: 11% Growth by 2026Required Skills: Physical Strength BalanceUnafraid of HeightsComfortable with Tools Roofing contractor jobs can serve as both a long ...

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Understanding Civilian Retirement Plans: Thrift Savings Plan

Hopefully while you were in uniform you were able to put some funds into the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP). Now that you’re leaving the military, you might ...

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3 Great Alternative Ways to Use GI Bill Benefits

#SPONSORED If you’ve earned your GI Bill benefits, you might be unsure of what exactly to do with it. After all, hours of sitting in front of ...

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