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Finding a school that fits your needs is no easy task. Are you looking for a college with a unique program? How about a university in a tropical climate? Or maybe you want to get a technical education alongside other veterans?

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2016 Hot Degrees for Veterans


We crunched the numbers and came up with this year’s Hot Degrees for Veterans. You may only need a two-year associate degree to land your dream job. It could require a four-year degree, a cert or a license.

The 2016 Hot Degrees for Veterans provides a snapshot of the hottest degrees, certifications and licenses, along with the Hot Jobs they lead to. We even list some of the Military Friendly® Schools that offer these programs.

Find your degree, then use your GI Bill to get started on the path to post-military success.

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Choosing a School

  • network with your professor

How (and Why) to Network with Your Professor

I know what you’re thinking: “This article is going to tell me how to suck up.” OK, it sort of sounds like it. But hear me out, this piece of information may be vital to ...

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  • get the most out of your gi bill education

4 Tips on How to Get the Most Out of Your GI Bill Education

Using the GI Bill to get a college degree is one of the best ways to improve long-term career outlook and earning power. Over the course of a lifetime, a degree can mean the difference ...

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  • transition from the air force

My Transition from the Air Force to Yale

By Rob Henderson My transition from the Air Force to Yale has been an enthralling and somewhat turbulent experience. I wanted to integrate into the student body and break the stereotype of the unapproachable veteran. ...

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Paying for School

  • Military books

Top 5 Websites to Find Textbooks for Less

The GI Bill is a great way to cover school costs, but there are some ways to get those books for even less. Here are some great sites to find your books for class this ...

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  • Should I go out of state for college

Things You Didn’t Know Cost You Money in College

Whether you are still trying to pick a school and have not yet applied, or you are in the final stages of preparing before you begin college; it is important to create an accurate ...

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Paying for Graduate School with Military Benefits

One of the most positive aspects of the Post 9/11 GI Bill is the ease of use. Particularly for those veterans interested in graduate school. However, this is only one of the benefits available for ...

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  • state education benefits for veterans

State Education Benefits for Veterans

There are many opportunities for state education benefits for veterans to help fund your education.  Map your future here. NORTHWEST Oregon The Oregon Department of Veterans’ Affairs provides grants of up to $150 per month for ...

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