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  • amazon veterans apprenticeship program

Amazon Offers Paid Internships for 10,000 Veterans

In May of 2016, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced at the White House his company’s intention to hire 25,000 veterans within five years. In January of 2017, that promise was expanded to include 10,000 veteran-specific apprenticeships. The “Amazon Veterans Apprenticeship Program” will include a sixteen-week training period, followed by 12 months of paid internship at ...

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  • get the most out of a community college

How to Get the Most Out of a Community College

Finding the right school to attend after military service is an important job. There are literally dozens of factors that need to be considered before making a choice. For many veterans, one of the biggest factors is the name and reputation of their school. All things being equal, most of us would probably rather have ...

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  • unconventional paths to an it career

Check Out These Unconventional Paths to an IT Career

From the outside, an IT career can seem a bit backwards. It’s often accepted as a fact that going to college is always the best way to make money. Usually, that’s true. But IT can throw that thinking for a loop. In IT, it’s all about your skills, and your ability to demonstrate them. If ...

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  • low-residency college programs

The Pros and Cons of Low-Residency College Programs

After what you went through in the military, going to college is supposed to be easy, right? Sure, there are plenty of academic challenges and late-term stress to go around, but at least you get to sleep in. At least that’s how it’s supposed to be. That is, until you find out that the Advanced ...

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  • negatives of working from home

Overcoming Some of the Negatives of Working From Home

When I was in the military, the idea of working from home sounded like paradise. The way I saw it, I’d sleep in, work on my own schedule, and be free forever of a boss looking over my shoulder. As much as I loved the work I did, my fellow sailors and (on most days) ...

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  • jobs in manufacturing

3 Surprising Jobs in Manufacturing

For many veterans, manufacturing jobs bring to mind images of the old days of heavy industry—the gritty, dirty work of steel-making or the massive assembly lines of Detroit auto plants. While those kinds of traditional industrial jobs still exist, the face of manufacturing is changing. The industrial workforce is more technology-focused and diverse than ever ...

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  • get the most out of your gi bill education

4 Tips on How to Get the Most Out of Your GI Bill Education

Using the GI Bill to get a college degree is one of the best ways to improve long-term career outlook and earning power. Over the course of a lifetime, a degree can mean the difference of tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. The benefits of having a diploma hanging on your wall are so ...

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  • careers in insurance that dont require a college degree

6 Careers in Insurance That Don’t require a College Degree

Insurance is a mysterious thing. We rely on it, we expect it to be there when we need it, but most of us don’t really spend much time thinking about it. Heck, my father and grandfather worked in insurance for years, but if they get talking about the ins and outs of the business, even ...

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  • how to get a skilled trades job

How to Get a Skilled Trades Job After the Military

Let’s pretend you’re a veteran looking for a new career. I think that’s a reasonably safe bet, given the site you’re on right now. Next, let’s assume that you’re not interested in taking yourself out of the workforce by spending years in college to maybe get a better-paying job. Finally, let’s say that you like ...

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  • most popular defense jobs

Top 10 Most Popular Defense Contracting Jobs For Military Veterans

Getting out of the military can be a tough choice. Sometimes you’re ready to leave behind the oppressive facial hair guidelines, but you still want to feel like you’re part of the team. There is an option to still be part of the team that supports the men and women of the U.S. military while ...

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