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  • re-brand yourself for a new career

How to Re-brand Yourself for the Career that You Actually Want

Transitioning from the military is filled with a variety of challenges that require us to travel down different paths than the ones we have become accustomed to on the inside. As we begin to look at civilian careers, we sometimes realize the many differences that exist between our military careers and our desired civilian careers. ...

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  • financial services jobs

3 Financial Services Jobs You Didn’t Know You Were Qualified For

Many career fields in the military give veterans a great deal of options when looking for a job after serving. One industry that many may not often consider is the financial services industry. Financial services is a fast-growing and popular industry with lots of jobs that veterans may qualify for based on experience gained in ...

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  • military transition

Months After My Military Transition: Making Adjustments for the New Year

The beginning of the year often causes us to reminisce over the previous 12 months as we think about the things that have happened. We take time to reflect on the good times and the bad times in an effort to make adjustments for the new year. This is a good time to look back ...

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  • dealing with the holidays

Learning to Deal with the Realities of the Holiday Season

The Holiday season can be a time that carries mixed emotions for so many of us. As veterans, both in and out of the service, we often experience a wide range of people who live at both ends of the holiday spectrum. There are those who can’t wait to get their decorations up and start ...

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  • how to professionally quit a job

How to Professionally Quit a Job You Hate

Many people get up every day and go to jobs they hate. Whether it’s a supervisor you don’t agree with, a negative environment or just a position you may have outgrown, no one wants to find themselves in this situation. So what do you do? Here are three tips to help you professionally quit a ...

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  • government contracting

4 Things to Consider When Looking Into Government Contracting

Trying to decide which direction to go when considering employment options for after the military can be a very stressful part of transition for many veterans. One option that many consider in today’s job market is government contracting, and the industry is filled with both large and small companies that are interested in hiring veterans because ...

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  • entrepreneurship after the military

Thinking About Becoming an Entrepreneur?

One of my favorite quotes that I often think about is by motivational speaker and author, Tony Gaskins. “If you don’t build your dream” he says. “Someone will hire you to build theirs.” It is a quote that has shaped the way that I think about my career and about entrepreneurship. Why Entrepreneurship? For 12 ...

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  • ways to stay healthy after the military

3 Ways to Stay Healthy After the Military

After 12 years on active duty, I remember thinking about the early mornings I spent doing physical training. I thought about so many mornings that I spent wiping the sleep from my eyes getting ready to walk to formation for another exhilarating session of PT. I thought about the 6-mile runs, the 12-mile ruck marches, ...

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  • how to budget for civilian life

Learning How to Budget for Civilian Life

Leaving the military comes with its own set of unique challenges for veterans and their families. One of the areas that can cause stress for many is figuring out how to budget for civilian life while waiting for various pieces of this new life to come together. Budget & Plan for Transition Finances can be ...

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  • veteran network

Finding Inspiration in Your Veteran Network

One of the hardest parts of leaving the military for many veterans is leaving behind the camaraderie and espirt de corps. It is an unmistakable part of military life and one of the things that truly makes military life different from civilian life. After leaving the military, I started to miss the network that I had built while on ...

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