About Ian Faison

Ian Faison is an Oakland native, former Army officer, West Point graduate and Afghanistan veteran. He is relentlessly seeking ways to help innovative #Vetrepreneurs build amazing companies.
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5 Proven Steps to Starting Your Veteran-Owned Business

This article is an excerpt from the award-winning book, The Evolution of an Entrepreneur.  “Veteran entrepreneurs are America’s most untapped and highly skilled economic development resource that we should immediately start empowering.” - Jack Nadel  Since the beginning of my career, I have been creating and refining what I call the “Nadel Method,” outlining five steps ...

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Join us for Vetrepreneur Week!

Welcome to Vetrepreneur Week on G.I. Jobs! An online event with six webinar sessions and speakers: Session 1: Getting Started in Entrepreneurship Sep 12th @4 EST  Session 2: Building 3D Revenue (Predictable, Profitable, Scalable) Sep 13th @2 EST Session 3: Intro to Funding (Business Loans) Sep 14th @ 4 EST Session 4: Surviving and Thriving in Business Sep 15th ...

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How I Learned What ‘Growth’ Means

I was sitting in TAP class at Fort Irwin, pretty miserable. There was no wifi and it was 90 degrees already. But I was determined. After countless phone calls to friends and colleagues, I made my first career decision! I decided I wanted to go into sales. I loved the idea of helping people work ...

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