About Garrett Wilkerson

Garrett served in the Army Infantry for 6 years and deployed to Afghanistan twice. He graduated from the University of California, Davis in 2015 with a B.A. in English. Garrett lives and writes in his home in northern California with his wife and son.

A Veteran’s Ivy League Experience with Harvard Business School’s HBX CORe

Are you just wrapping up your undergrad and wondering what’s next? Have you just finished your degree and feel like you could benefit from less academia and more practicum? For the past few years Harvard’s Business School (yeah, that Harvard) has been running an online credentialing program that is perfectly suited for degree-holding or degree-seeking ...

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At Last, The Secret to Railroad Careers for Veterans is Revealed

The transportation industry has a long history of seeking out veteran talent and putting them to work. Railroad companies like CSX, Norfolk Southern, Amtrak, and BNSF are making a concerted effort to fill their ranks with former service members by participating in a number of veteran hiring initiatives. Don’t just take my word for it, ...

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7 New Ways Veterans Can Make the Most Out of LinkedIn

At G.I. Jobs we regularly champion how LinkedIn can benefit active, transitioning and veteran service members. As the site continues to grow and evolve, we think it is important to circle back on some of its most effective features while including some new ways veterans can make the most out of LinkedIn. Free Premium Service ...

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My Snowball Fight with Snipers

It was a typical winter morning in northern Afghanistan. The sky was clear, and the blinding sun slowly climbed into it. The sun was bright, but it didn’t do much to fight the biting cold that pumped down the turret opening in our Humvee and chilled us all. I was in a light infantry reconnaissance ...

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How My Family and the Military Shaped What Thanksgiving Means to Me

Thanksgiving is here and I can almost smell the deep-fried turkey, I can hear the buzz of an impassioned sports debate and I can see a snoring relative that had too much turkey and egg nog. Thanksgiving is rooted in a historic tradition, and within it you’ll likely find any number of smaller traditions specific ...

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5 Personal Finance Apps Veterans Should Download Immediately

When members of the military separate from the service their finances rightly become a very real and immediate concern. Many veterans will find supplemental income opportunities through unemployment benefits, VA disability compensation and/or pension, retirement savings and the GI Bill. Utilizing one or more of these veteran specific opportunities can make managing your finances an ...

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