About Cachet Prescott

Cachet Prescott is a corporate trainer, personal coach and speaker who works with individuals, teams, leaders and business owners to make shift happen in business, career and life. She owns Shift Matters, LLC, the personal and professional development firm specializing in mindful leadership development and career transition. Cachet is also an Air Force spouse of 10+ years and mommy to three little girls.

8 Soft Skills That Matter in Your Civilian IT Career

When people think about pursuing a career in information technology (IT), they tend to focus heavily on the technical skill requirements related to the position. But where do soft skills in IT fit into the equation? Soft skills in the IT industry are crucial because while your technical prowess may get you the job, your ...

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Overcoming Obstacles in Your Military-to-Civilian Career Transition

Your military-to-civilian career transition is an exciting time in your life. The world is your oyster, and the possibilities of new adventures lie before you. And while transition can be an amazing journey, change (in any form) can also be a tough pill to swallow for most. Along with the tremendous highs of the process, ...

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7 Transferable Soft Skills to Capitalize on in Your Civilian Job Search

As a service member, you’ve gained a plethora of hard skills on the job that make you an attractive candidate in the civilian job market. While you might score an interview with your technical know-how, it’s also important to note that many civilian workplaces are putting a greater emphasis on hiring candidates with demonstrated soft ...

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Self-Awareness as a Career Transition Tool

When you make the decision to leave the military, you and those around you usually want to know one thing: What’s next? This seemingly simple question has stumped the best of them. While you may feel plagued by uncertainty as you prepare for and make your transition, be aware that the answers you’re seeking may ...

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Emotional Intelligence and Why it Matters in the Civilian Workplace

“There’s no crying in baseball!” – Jimmy Dugan (Tom Hanks) in “A League of Their Own” Tom Hanks’ character famously exclaimed this statement when one of the players on his female professional baseball team started crying during a game. While working for the military may not be the same as playing in a baseball league, ...

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Do You Speak Civilian?

Do you speak “civilian”? While the question may sound silly, the reality is that the communication style that you’ve grown accustomed to throughout your military career may not work for you in the civilian workplace. Learning to speak the language is a vital component in your military-to-civilian transition and will help you put your best ...

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