About Ben Faw

Ben Faw is Co-Founder and COO of BestReviews, where they review products ranging from water filter systems to electric toothbrushes, and hundreds in between. Prior to BestReviews, Ben was an infantry officer in the Army, graduating from Ranger, Airborne and other military schools. Ben’s work background also includes time in operations and sales at Tesla Motors and LinkedIn.

How to Start Your Own Business Without Investors

Can you start your own business without investors? This is a question that crosses the mind of many “would be” veteran entrepreneurs (Vetrepreneurs!) prior to starting any business. In many cases, this lack of capital, combined with fear of the unknown and lack of income stream, puts a damper on what might be an exciting ...

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Veteran Entrepreneurship: Advice From A Fellow Veteran!

Prior to stepping back into the classroom, I was already entertaining entrepreneurial interests. At the same time I was plagued with uncertainty on how the future would unfold, and where and how I would actually get involved in a startup. Even at this earliest stage of aspiration, the open road of veteran entrepreneurship offered other ...

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A Veteran Meets Modern Manufacturing

Photo Credit: bestreviews.com What really goes into modern manufacturing? A lot more than you might assume. Gone are the days of thousands of workers on a long assembly line moving tiny widgets onto another widget hour after hour. The modern manufacturing environment is a mix of technology, robotics, automation and operational rigor. The need for quick ...

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