About Amy Schofield

Amy Schofield has been in the recruiting, career coaching, and resume writing fields for 10+ years. As a certified resume writer and an active-duty military spouse, she actively helps transitioning veterans and military spouses reach their career goals. She is a Military Family Member Community Heartbeat Award recipient, serves as the Resume Expert for the National Military Spouse Network, and is the founder of the Military Spouse Resume Writers' Coalition.
  • jobs veterans can use their security clearance for

8 Jobs Veterans Can Use Their Security Clearance For

Many positions in the military require a security clearance, but did you know that there are plenty of job opportunities in the civilian world where veterans can use them too? Some career fields may be more obvious than others, such as the space industry, intelligence jobs or cyber security positions, but there are also administrative, ...

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  • retiring from the military

Finding a Career After Retiring from the Military

Retiring from the military and finding a career for your post-military life can be daunting. For the past 20-plus years you have focused mainly on working in a team to accomplish a military mission. Now you are on your own as you retire from the military. But with the same planning and resourcefulness that you used ...

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  • transitioning from the military

5 Podcasts to Listen to if You’re Transitioning from the Military

Transitioning from the military? Podcasts are great resources for you to listen on-the-go as you begin to prepare for your transition to the civilian world. Listed below are five podcasts specifically for transitioning service members. These podcasts will motivate, inspire and encourage you as you transition from the military. Veteran Resource Podcast If you are looking ...

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  • job search apps for veterans

4 Job Search Apps Veterans Should Be Using Right Now

Are you looking for a job board for veterans? Using apps right on your phone can make job searching easy. But with hundreds of apps available to job seekers, which ones are the most simple and streamlined to use? Here are four that you should download right now, with tips on how to maximize the ...

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  • main things you need to know about applicant tracking systems

3 Main Things You Need to Know About Applicant Tracking Systems

Have you spent hours applying to jobs posted on company websites only to hear nothing back? Have you been using the same resume over and over again when applying to different jobs? Have you noticed that most positions these days require you to upload your resume into a computerized database? Well, that database is actually ...

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  • most asked interview question

How to Answer the Most Asked Interview Question

The most asked interview question is also one of the most difficult interview questions to answer because it is an open-ended question which leaves interviewees either sharing too much or not enough.   With a little preparation and practice, you will be able to answer the question, “Can you tell me about yourself?” with ease, ...

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  • military transition job search

Military Transition Job Search: 3 Things Not to Do

Transitioning out of the military can be an exciting time for you. It can also be a scary time, since in many cases this will be the first time you have ever had to conduct a job search.   You have probably read many great articles on what to do in your job search, but ...

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  • job search apps

5 Job Search Apps for Service Members

Have you taken our Transition Readiness Quiz yet? If you have, and you are ready to start your transition from the military, then you may want to check out these five job search apps specifically for service members:   CareerOneStop Mobile   CareerOneStop is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration. ...

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  • federal resume vs civilian resume

Federal Resume vs. Civilian Resume – What You Must Include!

Do you have your eyes set on working for the federal government as you transition out of the military? Have you uploaded your civilian resume to the USAJOBS website, only to be passed over for a position? It may be because you did not include all of the components that a federal resume requires. If you ...

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  • Fjob interview tips, tricks and advice

Interview Preparation Tips And Advice

Most of the interview preparation tips and advice you come across are focused on what you should do to prepare for the actual interview – conducting research on the company, practicing interview questions and planning a list of questions to ask the interviewing team. But that should not be your whole focus when it comes to the ...

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