American Water Company Career Success Profile – Ryan McCoy 2017-05-24T15:42:51+00:00

Ryan McCoy–Wastewater Collections System Specialist              

Military Branch: United States Air Force
Years Served: 3 years
Highest pay grade: E-3
Age:  29

Job Description:

Wastewater Collection System Specialist- Inspect operate, maintain, troubleshoot, install and repair of collection system facilities. Respond to customer service inquiries including service disruptions, service line problems and grinder pump malfunctions. Investigate complaint and determine corrective action per company procedure. 

How did you get the job?

I applied to an online ad in early January and was contacted by my Operations Supervisor, Ronald Cook, to interview for the position. I was offered a job in February and chose to accept the position of Wastewater Collections Specialist.

Why did you choose this job?

I chose to accept because this felt more like a career instead of a job. I’ve had my fair share of experience in the workforce since I’ve been out of the military and my gut feeling was telling me that this job would best utilize my experience and talents as a worker.

What is the best part of the job?

In all honesty, the best part of this job is the people and company I work for. This company affords me every opportunity to realize my potential in the workforce by providing ample opportunities to learn. The single best part is the people I work for in my shop. I have seen a level of teamwork which has been most similar to that reflected in my experience in the military, which allows me a level of comfort I have not had in any job prior to or after my service.

What was the biggest transition headache?

The biggest transition headache I have encountered since exiting military service has been finding a work environment that provided me the comfort to not have to worry about anything else but the work itself. For clarification, I worked several jobs where employee conflict and overall morale of employees took away from performance/production. Here at American Water, I have a high comfort level which affords me the opportunity to thrive as a worker.

What skills did you bring with you?

Through military service, I learned how to locate utilities and the overall concept of how utilities are situated in a city environment. I also had a lot of mechanical experience having to be hands-on with pipes (plumbing and fuel pipes), and a great deal of experience working under OSHA programs, as well as working in an environment where safety was of the utmost importance.