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G.I. Jobs 2010 Top 100 Military Friendly Employers®
The Top 100 Military Friendly Employers® list sheds a ray of light on an otherwise gloomy economy for service members making the transition to corporate America.
by Dan Fazio

The numbers suggest the recession ended this summer: The economy grew 3.5 percent in the third quarter – July through September. That’s the best quarter for growth in two years. But while the economy is finally showing a pulse, unemployment remains high and most analysts predict a slow recovery. mfe219x292

Renowned economist Robert Solow, an MIT professor who won a Nobel Prize in 1987, recently told The Washington Post the worst of the recession is over. “However, the economy will be getting better slowly,” Solow said. “And saying the economy is getting better is not the same thing as saying the economy is doing well.”

For those service members transitioning from the military in a recession, there is good news: corporate America still wants to hire veterans.

The Most Military Friendly Employer
Union Pacific Railroad is a prime example. The economy forced Union Pacific to slow its overall hiring over the past year, but the company still developed a new military task team to spearhead its military recruiting efforts.

“Union Pacific values the commitment, training and diversity that our Armed Forces bring to the workplace,” said Barb Schaefer, senior vice president of human resources. “Our continued efforts to attract veterans have resulted in a win-win situation for the company and the veterans we have hired.”

Union Pacific’s ongoing commitment to hiring veterans vaulted the company into first place on the G.I. Jobs Top 100 Military Friendly Employers list for 2010.

Corporate America Still Wants You
Union Pacific is not unique – many companies recognize the advantages of hiring veterans. The Top 100 Military Friendly Employers list showcases the top 2 percent of veteran-friendly companies in the United States. These are companies that generate at least $500 million in annual revenue – more than 5,000 are eligible – and have shown, through strong military recruiting practices, internal veterans’ programs, a high percentage of hiring veterans, and Guard/Reserve policies, that they prize prior military.

Cintas is a regular on the Military Friendly Employers list, having been ranked for five consecutive years.

“Cintas has a long-standing history of recruiting and employing military men and women,” said Scott Farmer, chief executive officer. “We have found that they make some of our very best Cintas employee-partners. My father, who founded this company, was a lieutenant in the Marine Corps, so my family has a deep connection to our military men and women and we feel indebted to them for their service.”

It’s About Good Business
It’s not just patriotism that fuels corporate America’s pursuit of the 400,000 service members who separate or retire from the military each year. The leadership, discipline, integrity and “can-do” attitude common to military veterans are exactly the qualities companies need to stay ahead of the competition in a slow economy.

“This isn’t about charity or patriotism. It’s about good business,” said Rich McCormack, publisher of G.I. Jobs. “The companies on our list understand that.”

General Electric certainly does. GE has been named a top Military Friendly Employer for seven consecutive years.

“At GE we are always looking for talented, dedicated people of character to lead our teams,” said Jeff Immelt, chairman and CEO. “Veterans have these qualities, which is why they are a good fit with our culture.”

The Top 100 Military Friendly Employers list is a priceless resource for transitioners mapping out a new career path. Use the list to make this crucial mission successful. Click here to see the list.

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